A Cyborg called Rokeby


I heard a cyborg speak today, about music in inner and outer space, and modes of cognition. He believed that sound is the origin of all creation, and has electro studs connected to his frontal lobe cortex, which then feeds his brain waves into a computer. And something on his finger I didn't quite understand. Which is all art and all documented on a headache-inducing, undulating functioning super sci-fi site.

His personalised facts about science only just catching on to Eastern philosophy and mysticism's ideas irritated the Radio Astronomer in the house, Gavin. Gavin, an earnest sell-out, (more about that later) interprets noise emitted from planets and solar systems through decoding radio spectral cubes; data collected from large dishes in a place like Stoke (or some other place worthy enough of self-deprecating comments). He also introduced the idea of the pulsar to my imagination. These pulsating stars are the size of the Earth, with all the energy of the sun, and can sometimes spin 440 times a second (thus producing the tone of an A note) Wow. He ended his talk with a sound piece incorporating piano, vocal and string parts, alongside manipulated planet-sounds. Which kind of defeated the point.

Apparently our mind can hold 7 (+/- 2) things at any one time, and flip between them. At the moment mine are: typing-terror danjah-10 am-marclay-sleep-

Quote of the Day "The iPod is like having the auditory world in the palm of your hand." - Dr. Michael Bull, a Grateful Dead fan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems theres a bit of jealousy going on against our cyborg genius. I was at this particular symposium and Rokeby's talk on string theory was truly inspirational.

12/11/05 03:41  

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