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overmodulated marriage

We went to a night of Matthew Silver's films in New York, never have seen anything quite like his oeuvre. Plus he started the whole thing crawling backwards on the stage, a monologue about reality. If I recall. Enjoy! Part one.




expo 67 postcards

punch and judy

Last night we saw Jan Švankmajer's version, and it was incredible:

graphic presentation, 1939

beatles week

There were good audio documentaries on the two Georges. Which are not available any more.

divine horsemen

Maya Deren shot this between 1947 and 1952 and edited and completed by Deren's third husband Teiji Ito and his wife Cherel Winett Ito (1947-1999) in 1981, twenty years after Deren's death. Most of the film consists of images of dancing and bodies in motion during rituals in Rada and Petro services.

We saw it at the South London Cultural Centre on Friday night.


white fungus

Image by Elaine Thompson

A story by Bruce Sterling, an excerpt from Beyond: Scenarios and Speculations.




sesame street and shapes

and now for some philip glass: