New comic art and narrative illustration

Pictures and Words is a new book with some great things inside. To accompany the fact it's now sellable, there's an exhibition downstairs at Magma Clerkenwell. Aside from some nice drawings on the wall (incl. Greek grandfathers and expanding female spines) there's a large table where you can happily read the best of L'Association's recent wares. L'Association don't really do duds. Neither do their affiliates.

Yesterday I avoided the throng of beer-swiggers/emphatic business card-promoters and devoted a sizeable chunk of time to Killoffer's A3 pen+ink tale of a man slowly succumbing to an isolated life in his one-bedroom flat (with 676 versions of himself). He descends into madness, the book culminating in an orgy with his many selves; he pisses on himself whilst indulging another self whilst biting another self's shoulder. It's messy, but sparingly penned a la David B, another L'Association co-founder. '676 Apparitions of Killoffer' is the second offering from Typocrat Press, a London-based independent comics publisher.

Look at some pages here.


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