rubber suit | alex tsiridis

Me: why did you call the record rubber suit?

Alex: Because it felt right.

Me: Yeah?

Alex: Yeah. It has rubbery bass.

Me: What do you think about the typeface?

Alex: Oh right. Um. Do we have to talk about the typeface?

Me: No. What would you rather talk about, Alex?

Alex: This is the best interview ever.

Me: I know.

Alex: Let's talk about bass and treble in human relationships.

Me: ah hmm. How do you mean?

Alex: How long will this go on for, Miranda?

Me: Not long. Tell us about what you're doing tonight, Alex.

Alex: I'm on resonance fm on the Process Minimal show.

Me: Will you shout out for mimi?

Alex: I so will. It was the first thing that came to mind when I knew I was going on the radio.

Me: I'm touched. I will now listen to your songs on myspace.

Me: Thanks for sitting next to me in the studio today Alex, I really like it.

Alex: It's been incredible. Go buy my record on Monday.


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