In Berlin, Megastructure Reloaded finally opens tomorrow!
(it's been on pause since spring, I've been waiting)

It should be a nice collection of works + ideas: 1960s utopia + contemporary reflections. The list of participants reads like a beautiful book come alive, but with extra criticality, I hope. There's a symposium, so there's a chance.

The exhibition is not intended purely as a documentary representation however; instead the megastructuralists are to be tested for their currency and relevance to the problems of contemporary urban design. We will focus on the connection, so significant for the designs, between architecture/ spatial structures, and visual art, as well as on actual architectonic and urban-design issues..

It's that last bit there that interests me: how these ideas can be practically useful.
A dreamy visions of the city put into action. Like this flexible, modular idea of Eckhard Schulze-Fielitz, I'd like to see built:

Some of my constant-internal-references are involved too: Tomas Saraceno, Gordon Matta-Clark. Superstar Superstudio, BAM:


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