born everywhere, raised in britain

Quite funny interactive piece from the Guardian.
Antonis, 14:
"In Greece, you can hug your teacher. In England teachers aren't allowed to touch you in any single way. They're not very friendly."

Akeilha, 9:
In Antigua they eat ackee, saltfish, fried dumpling, and goat Ð but I don't eat goat now because I'm a Rasta. It's not that easy being a vegetarian, because you like going to McDonalds and getting the toys, but you need to eat a vegetarian or fish burger. We left Antigua because there was a volcano. I would like to live back in the Caribbean, but somewhere the volcano can't come.

Vanessa, 10 (Solomon Islands):
It's like 30 degrees there every day, all year round. Here, it's -1 or something.


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