Tropisms Part III = Tropism VI

The title might sound a bit confusing; there are many Tropisms, but this one is the last. Maybe one day we could do something with the off-cuts, which I like a lot. In any case, here is the music. It's a more succinct version of a set that Anil played in London at Shunt.

Re-reading what started it makes me think more of Caracas.

They seemed to spring up from nowhere, blossoming out in the slightly moist tepidity of the air, they flowed gently along as though they were seeping from the walls, the boxed trees, the benches, the dirty sidewalks, the public squares.

They stretched out in long, dark clusters between the dead house-fronts. Now and then, before the shop windows, they formed more compact, motionless little knots, giving rise to occasional eddies, slight cloggings...


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