I cycle for two

But I guess Hanna counts as a half. so, one and a half. Anyway it's fun having someone to talk to whilst casually cycling uphill.

I fell in love with Marclay's instruments and record collages (poles and necks) and objets today. I haven't encountered an artist with such an acutely well-informed sense of both humour and pop-culture warmth in a while.

The Beatles, 1989. A Beatles collected works tape crocheted.

Quote of the Day -
"Why do you take photographs of the upper class?"
"Because I am upper class."
"Is that the only reason?"
Tina Barney v French interviewer. She used to ski all day, but then realised that there was 'nothing to wake up for in the morning'. Her consistent documentation of privileged society, spurred on by the notion that the American Family was 'disappearing', is pretty impressive and consuming. If only for the extreme attention to detail these people apply to their matching garments and living spaces. Actually no I think that any opportunity for Parr-guilt-less voyeurism is great. And the sight of a Jenny Holzer piece in a luxurious Parisian apartment was a chuckle.

Yeah, I went to the Barbican.


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