A pulsating circle made my day.

Cycle 1

Cycle 1

Above are stills from Guy Sherwin's Cycles 1, which was screened in a Braquage-curated programme at the Cine Lumiere. For 5 minutes a white circle of light pulsates against a backdrop of varying grayscale, to a rhythmic engine-like hum. It was beautiful. Seeing as the whole experience is perceptual - the circle is in fact a white dot placed directly onto the film, the distance between each frame gradually decreasing and optically merging thanks to the 12 fps mind process-rate - I wonder whether the patterns emerging from within the circle are dictated by the individual's level of brain entrainment. I was submerged gamma-style, myself.

Guy Sherwin is also the Lux-ite predecessor of Dan Wilson, via Railings, a film in which images of iron railings are converted into sound, using the optical sound playback head in the projector. My heart has jumped.


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