There was a woman on the bus with 10 rings on.

No lies. Here's the breakdown:

+ 2 diamante encrusted - index finger.
+ 2 ribbed, 1 plain - middle finger.
+ 2 rocked, 1 plain - fourth finger.
+ 1 rocked, 1 plain - little finger.

I was mesmerised for a whole unsubtle 20 minutes.

Quotes of the Day:

"Do you think this exhibition is a fire hazard?" - Karolin.

There's yet another below-par third year show in our university foyer. It feels like it's Deptford Carnival, lots of draped fabrics hanging from the ceiling in a mildly alarming fashion. Below is a highlight. Despite bringing gender politics into the no-go world of geometrical patterns ("I think these designs are really masculine" - shh), it's still pretty. There's also lots of toast on the wall, with burnt-in anecdotes about the benefits of a nutritious and fruit-led diet (I don't know why either. Surface Design's gone experimental?)

Surface design

"I think the first performance was better" - man outside Jerwood Space.

If I was the kind of person who scoffed, I would have scoffed here. As much as I appreciate, admire, etc John Cage's work in a historical sense, I don't reckon I'll be spending my evenings in art galleries looking at the ceiling (or Tone's smuggishly joyous, centrally-positioned face - as fun as that is) whilst listening to 8 tape-players playing surround 'sounds' for four minutes, twice. There's the outdoors for that kind of thing.

But it's alright because Raster-Noton made this: a section of Archiv 1, which is a collection of microfilms illustrating their concepts and aesthetics.


Which is shown on this: a micro film reader designed by Carl Zeiss Jena. Beautiful.

Micro film reader


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