Caught 10 minutes of the Emotional Orchestra on Friday night:

I thought all orchestras were emotional? Couldn't they have made an anagram of all their names, or something? (There are some words I don't like much).

Anyway, it sounded pretty coherent (mildly impending doom) for a 30-strong female improv group (maybe they knew what they were doing.) Animated score was quite pretty, all translucent bands and wavy lines. It marked the beginning of the Her Noise season.


The next day, the Horse Hospital held a Reading Frenzy benefit. All the books cost £1 and the money's helping Portland artist Chloe Eudaly with her son's healthcare. Even though I got there substantially late I still found some Duras, Prevert and Post-structuralist theory. Yeah! Not a lot I like more than old, cheap paper.

This copy of 'Destroy, She Said' also has an interview with Marguerite entitled: "Destruction and language" which is pretty exciting. Duras' Whole Days in the Trees is beautiful and still.


Howl's Moving Castle is of course gorgeous and full of brain-melt-drip characters. I forgot everything for about an hour. It is, however, conclusively caramelised!

Spoiler: twee analogy. It reminded me of the last time I made a plum flan: I only remembered to add sugar once it was cooked, and had to douse the poor dish in the stuff. Still edible on the whole, it had burnt edges and was a little painful on top. (Should probably add that I wasn't using a recipe or scales in this mini adventure.)


It's finally pomegranate season.

I came home from work today to find a trail of 7 pomegranates leading into my bedroom. Karolin is the greatest flatmate, I think.


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