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Each week, an hour of my life is handed over to "Personal and Professional Development". This can come in many guises. One time I was in the vicinity of the lecture hall and caught a tutor beatboxing, splicing together barry white and the woes of Japanese art students (Quote: "My tutor, he don't know me!") This flamboyantly titled lecture series would essentially be more effective in the format of a very long and minimal powerpoint presentation. Repeated weekly, more a mantra than a sentence: "When you leave university you're going to have to get a job."

Luckily, I decided to make the most of my tuition fees yesterday, and heard James Goggin talk. He solves problems well, and makes things that work. It was reassuring. Without knowing it, I've been admiring his work for a while, so linking up the tate's shifting identity with Alison Turnbull's Spring Snow via Momus' Otto Spooky was fun. (He didn't tell us that he's changing the Wire's looks though.)

Ikea boxes stacked in a golden section formation.

But really, it was great putting a name to the Colour palettes film. It's composed of screen-shots, taken from each transitory step in Photoshop's 'Only Web Colors' palette. It's beautiful.


Blogger alex bkbk said...

that last link no worky worky :(
was looking forward to seeing that composite

22/10/05 11:05  

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