Sounds Like Drawing.

Beth Campbell, Joseph Grigely, Conor Kelly, Kaffe Matthews, Tom Marioni, Terry Nauheim, Carsten Nicolai, Robin Rhode and Steve Roden.

Next week is cycle-heavy. We'll have maps at the foundry, (and I just found out that) Kaffe Matthews will have maps at the Drawing Room. (These places are close, there's no excuse).

Matthews has made: a symphony for radios and bicycles. Replacing notes written on a musical staff are drawings on a neighbourhood map: providing various itineraries for visitors to follow on bikes, the artist broadcasts an electronic composition over a live radio signal. Cycling around the streets with radios receiving the broadcast, participants become performers and passers-by become accidental audience members.

Hers is pretty much the next step of our idea. I wonder if our routes cross paths. It's quite exciting.


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