the design encyclopedia.

"The Design Encyclopedia is a user-built source of reference material with the sole intention of defining, describing, chronicling and documenting the world through design in all its implications and manifestations."

It's got a page about dot-dot-dot which is good enough for me. dot-dot-dot has had articles on semantic poetry, stereolab record covers, relational aesthetics, the death of the novel, polish women magazines. And so on. In short, it's the only design magazine I'd buy, if I could.

Last issue, issue 9, listed all the people that owe them money on the back page. Except some of them didn't really owe them money: magma, notably. The ICA aren't on there, but they're not stocking any more either. Why can't this magazine keep friends in London? Now I can't buy issue 10 from an independent retailer, which irritates me. I'll give in and get it from borders when I lose my patience. Or get another hypothetical subscription.


Blogger alex bkbk said...

NOG sell the new dot dot dot !

15/1/06 19:51  

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