freelance 1: notes on carving

This year I'm taking a year out from my degree and am instead working towards a diploma in professional studies. Translation: employ me! After my toe-dip in French schooling I'll be interning, somewhere. For the moment I'm doing bits of freelance work whenever it comes my way. We're supposed to keep a diary on such things, but I've had a physical aversion to writing personal thoughts on paper ever since my brother managed to find a diary hidden in the chimney. So here's a short, boring story about lino and illustrating on demand. OR, conclusions I have come to via carving.

1) Carving is fun, I like to do it for gifts. Like Christmas or Hannah's birthday.

2) Carving 5 things in 5 days causes my hand to bleed.

3) Yacht's mix for the French radio is good to carve to.

4) Carving makes me feel all neanderthal.

5) Illustrating titles in the style of old work = challenging. (Is it the swirls they want?)

6) Illustrating titles including objects = literal = variable satisfying:boring ratio

6) "high fashion" = ? I had never been on a fashion designer's site before this week. Unless SHOWstudio via Marie O'Connor's great project on the sound of clothes counts. (Which it doesn't!) Anyway, so, fashion site generalisation: they all contain too much flash and use old boring ideas, so I made some clothes up instead..

7) Bad Idea is a lovely magazine and I'm chuffed to be contributing towards it. That's the old issue, which had an awesome comic in it by Matilda.

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