radio gallery: the trans-communication lab

Radio gallery has been going on since the summer. I remember keeping the flyer (quelle surprise) A striking yellow, embossed, abake. The closing event is sold out but it'll be streamed on resonance Monday 20th 7-8PM.


The Trans-Communication Lab is the closing event in the Radio Gallery series of events and radio programmes, which examine radio as exhibition space. The event reverses the overall concept of Radio Gallery by re-imagining physical space as radio and setting up a 60 minute 'broadcast environment' in which a host of artists, researchers and journalists investigate and demonstrate live attempts at 'interdimensional' communication. These include Electronic Voice Phenomena, sonic time layering space evocation, demonstrations of US military's involvement with remote viewing and mind control experiments and a live performance of a ghost story.

Curated by Lina Dzuverovic (electra) and Carl Michael von Hausswolff, this event also features Jacob Kirkegaard, Olivia Plender and Jon Ronson with radio commentary by Rob Young. Nice.

Electronic Voice Phenomena = voices of the dead hidden in radio static. Wonder what Feldman would make of that, considering his radio hate and perspective on the impermanence of leaving music behind, ideas about the "religious element" of composing: You know, When I write a piece sometimes, I'm telling people, "we're not gonna be here very long." (third Cage-Feldman conversation)



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