Idea 2006 | Seattle Public Library

This conference should be (insert word for something really good, that isn't one of the 3 I always use.)

People taking part include Bruce Sterling, Linda Stone, Fernanda Viegas who worked on that History Flow project which got compared to Ben Fry's SNPs project, and Dan Hill who also hearts Tim O'Toole (tube stations as churches, yes)

Topics for discussion are listed on the conference blog. Dan's at the top there talking about the reinvention of broadcast media in reaction to web 2.0. He mentions the BBC hosting music festivals in second life... Um. This is where I'd scan in the cover of Wednesday's Liberation, with its hand-drawn image of youths filming themselves, being broadcast on youtube. On the front of the newspaper. But the scanner's broken.

All taking place here too:

Why am I in Paris again? Ah yes, I have a maison flottante to visit:

Not sure why I made that visual comparison there, but any which way Cneai will be showing some interesting things inside it I hear.

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