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I love it that my everyday thoughts are somehow converted into insightful prose over at imomus.

Last week I was mulling over the strange allure of the contrived, uber-alles-English twee girl, only casually, and poof! he makes this highly problematic post/ode to Emmy the Great which is a pretty humorous exercise in intellectual fetishization of a type. Down there in the comments is my slogan of the week:

Really, who would require her to shut up about her aprons and her baking? Who would require her to be "feisty" when she can be yeasty?

I find this celebration-of-femininity-in-binary stuff really funny. It's as if it's provoking me to be feisty! Which will in turn lead to energy-burning, which inevitably leads to me finding something yeasty! Ah the endless feedback loop of being a girl.

Anyway, more pressing in my brain right now is participatory park design. And poof! He writes all about Hamburg's Park Fiction group. Who have done some really ace work which draws inspiration from Arabic geometry and relates to a project I'm working on at the moment. I really like the different sections of their plan: Interventionist Residents, Desire Production, Tools and Infotainment.


Blogger Momus said...

After blogging about Park Fiction I was actually invited to play in the park this summer with Felix Kubin! So I'm not only divining what you're thinking about, but what I'll be doing later in the year. Simply divine!

15/3/08 05:39  

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