my design for the new 50p coin got edited out of the one show.

Some of us at college were asked to redesign the back of the 50p coin for the One Show, with the theme of "the future of England" so I naturally put a map of the EU on the back:

Dan Snow and his crew came to film us, asked us to explain our designs. I said mine was about the UK's position in the world. The others were about charity, religion and OTT CCTV. He said theirs were "edgy." Maybe my design isn't edgy enough. Maybe it's because I saw Dan in the DHL Vauxhall Depot last week and snubbed him (I think he's a bit of a plonker) or maybe it's because of the Daily Mail! (OK the latter is a false claim, I just really like how they dressed up a pretty Blonde as Britannia.)

In any case, the new design is launched tomorrow, watch this space!


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