speed dating for artists.

Because artists should be with artists, duh.

I got sent an email about this thing at the ICA which stated: please note that we are nearly fully subscribed on the women's side but there are spaces available for men. That made me chuckle.

They're inviting people to bring along their work, so it could just turn out to be some extended, indulgent group crit where no one can hear anyone.

Ah to be a fly on the wall! Here are some things I can imagine being said:

+ How many isms can you name in a minute?
+ How do you feel about Sophie Calle?
+ 1960s: Conceptual art or Computer art?

Everyone gets 4 minutes to chat. Surely one couple will do a John Cage! (Sorry for the bad jokes) I'd go as an experiment, but it's really expensive and sounds like it'd be like Camberwell's college bar.


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