el Avila

These pictures show what it's like to feel so tiny in such a huge city. Those mountains are 7400 ft high, and the Caribbean coast lies beyond them.

We drove higher up the mountain on the South side to a neighbourhood called "el Hatillo" which is a former colonial place. It was surrounded by thousands of little lanterns, which by day is a barrio neighbourhood that I don't know the name of. The houses are smaller and painted, which hidden pictures in the stone walls. It's the most touristic place here I've seen. Here is a window:

The view of the city from Santa Fe, another neighbourhood on that side, was stunning. The occasional lightning bolts lit up the mountains behind the skyscrapers. It was quite dramatic, a bit like being a bird. The police told us to move after 2 minutes.

The weather continues to be extreme: the heat is too much, the lightning sounds like a building dying. The rainfall yesterday was immense, we couldn't cross the street because it had become a brown river. Apparently it's the worst in 2 years - and the proper start of the rainy season.


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