The Muziekgebouw

Before Barcelona, there was Amsterdam. I have managed to schedule 3 months of vacation into 2 weeks of holiday. I am now entering hibernation.

Hannah told me off for taking too many photos when it was cold. Couldn't help it, had to visit the place twice in 3 days; a short, passionate affair somewhat akin to 'A Brief Encounter', perhaps. Its greatness not quite captured below:


Someone on the plane recognised us from ATP and informed us of the Holland Festival, a whole host of events beautifully-bound in a well designed, rhombus-themed book, with cutaways and fluorescent pink/grey combinations.

We laid hands on the last ticket for the Warp Records / London Sinfonietta Orchestra collaboration, with a screening of Rubber Johnny (at last! But not quite as grim as I'd hoped). The next night was Mum / Xenakis. We were 10 minutes late and so missed the Radio Kamerorkest's interpretation of Analogiques A and B. I was angry - I wanted some live granular synthesis, and was completely unsatiated by our new friends' "it was abstract" conclusions. No one was willing to vocally re enact the "found sound objects", which was a shame.

Anyway, there was a man afterwards playing pop hits such as Queen's "Killer Queen" on an organ, in the foyer. We were too busy talking to Jim from r4nd()% about his iBook woes, Max/MSP and Peaceful Powerbooks. Interesting facts: (a) Apparently you don't need to speak Dutch in Amsterdam. (b) In London people don't dance at raves. (c) Money cannot be made from audio visual programming, even less from calling yourself a 'sound artist'. Who knew.

This is what the Muziekgebouw's concert hall looks like. The lights change colour at a consistent rate, and contracted ADD during Jamie Lidell's set. Seeing as the venue hadn't properly opened at this point, it felt like it belonged to everybody, and the crowd was multi-generational. What a great thing.

gebouw 2


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