Build a dreamachine.

Want a relaxing state of mind, alpha-style? I do. To achieve this, I try and sleep sometimes. My friend Martin has gone many steps further (better person) and has built a dreamachine, in the model of painter Brion Gysin and mathematician Ian Sommerville. Burroughs, a close friend of fellow cut-up pioneer Gysin, experimented with this construction extensively, and made films about it with Anthony Balch; "Towers Open Fire" and "The cut-ups". They even tried to market it (the early 60s lacked the guiding forces of Caroline Flint).

I say: build your own! Use your record player for a greater good (that would be a stats-proven higher IQ and mild hallucinations). Alternatively, Martin is friendly and can be found toying with said invention in a place overrun with badgers and a well-designed library to it's name; SSA-mythologised Croydon.


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