Paper sculptures.

It was 'the Nation's Biggest Thank You' day yesterday, commemorating the end of WWII. I usually find such enforced public mass-displays of sentimental remembrance repellent, merely for their execution. The bunting in Trafalgar Square was an exception, though. Hand-written notes from across the country filled each flag. It was beautiful, the epitomy of all that is good in public art. More functional, communal, thought-provoking and paper-related sculptures should litter our landscape.


bunting shadows

Thinking of paper sculptures, there's a quasi-decent Phaidon book on the subject that I like to refer to post-working day, in Magma. Too coffee table to purchase, it is worth it's weight for one thing alone, a page properly sullied by my fingerprints: Johnson Banks' fund-raising brochure for Liebskind's V+A extension proposal is beyond great. It also folds into a cube, too pixellated to feature here.

libe open


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