Garden and Park make over week.

It's a busy week in South Kensington.

The new Kim Wilkie Victoria and Albert Museum garden, complete with Liquidambar styraciflua, red sandstone and flood-able ellipse, opens on Wednesday night.

Apparently it will look like this:


I wonder how the great, annual Village Fete (29th + 30th July) will fare in this new setting. Hyperkit and Peepshow better be there. Go to the Projects > Village Fete slide show on the new Peepshow site to see their Memory Game, (and Hannah playing it on slide 9). We got stickers corresponding to our success. I was Stephen Hawking, ha.

Incidentally, they have a show, celebrating the site's reincarnation: 930 Sq ft of Peepshow opening at the Jaguar Shoes Gallery on July 8th. I have thus far managed to escape the namesake's bar, and for this I am proud.

But back to the theme of this post. The Serpentine's annual Pavilion opened yesterday. Designed by Álvaro Siza, apparently it will look like this:


I have to stop using adverbal probabilities, and get out of the house.

The press release says it "hovers above the lawn, poised like an animal with an arched back and taut skin, ready to pounce." Any which way, a translucent polycarbonate covering allowing penetrative light by day, and 250 solar powered lamps to illuminate the structure by night, doesn't sound bad to me.


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