Kubrick archives in Elephant and Castle.

This is what I get for not finding the time to read the Sunday newspapers til Saturday morning.

I've been admiring some choice vintage Kubrick posters in the library. I did wonder every now and again why the obvious theme, but oh well there are other things to be thinking about in libraries. One idea was that they were slowly phasing out the Tom Eckersley-monopolisation.

But no! Exclaimation marks abound; the cross-referencing, awe-inspiring great-great archive (thats scripts, props, letters, books, photographs and hopefully stationary) is moving from Childwick, and will be housed in a centre from next summer. In Elephant and Castle.

I first realised the full breadth of the collection in an article last year. Kubrick designed his own boxes, liked typefaces, listening to BBC radio plays, and marked crazy fan letters "F-C"

He had a knack for writing letters, on the rare occasion the fans got a response:
"Your letter of 4th May was overwhelming. What can I say in reply? Sincerely, Stanley Kubrick."

Regarding Stanley, Christiane Kubrick put it quite well: 'He didn't hoard, he just didn't throw anything away.' I might use this tack the next time someone bothers me.


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