Dirol / Día de los Muertos

I am mourning the passing of a great invention, imported from Russia via Mr Sushon: Dirol свежести (watermelon). I'm on my last tablet of gum.

Watermelon is the best artifical flavour; this is my sweeping statement to end all sweeping statements. Unfortunately, reformatted into a chewing gum, it is quite a transient affair, relegated to special occasions / crises. I miss proper watermelons, really. Don't seem to find many here, and they usually taste of nothingness. In Greece, trucks of the stuff announce the fact they're passing your house on a loud speaker. It verges on the political, competitive prices etc.

This all ties in nicely with the recent watermelon-heavy, death-based Día de los Muertos. Lots of dead people gorge themselves on citrullus lanatus, apparently. This doesn't seem overly macabre. Sugar skulls win over sugar mice any day, really. Although both are quite hard to find round here too.


Anonymous alex said...

im glad you enjoyed them, transient though they are. Seriously, the Ukranian watermellon Orbit was even more mortal - its like being teased

5/11/05 00:46  
Anonymous london mink said...

the word i know is АРБУЗ. I find them in the skip sometimes, in NCGM. Frozen. In December. imported from fuck-knows. I usually get angry: it's not the right climate, it's not the right time, it's not... it doesn't make any sense. And then to find it in the skip.
I guess it's true to many other fruits i find there; but the watermelons are too heavy to carry, unlike cherries, which in december are no less madness, but on them i indulge, anger sweetened by indulgness. is this a word.

5/11/05 17:02  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

alex -
i'm pretty proud of my self-restraint to be honest. can you believe i managed to stretch what was at most 8 pieces of gum over 3 months? I hope the orbit was that juicy fruit-esque design. Also hope you go to Russia again soon..

london mink -
unfortunately, my russian isn't too hot, and neither is my abbreviation knowledge - you'll have to explain NCGM ... but I agree, any food wasted is terrible (not that I'm an overly active freegan) and the general lack of seasonal produce, bewildering.

Not a fan of statistics per se, but a recent survey found that most London kids didn't know that chips come from potatoes!

It's hard to complain about cherries though. Cherries are ace, in my top 5 fruit for sure.

8/11/05 23:28  

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