modular re.strukt

There weren't any stickers this time, just marker pens. Why do people do such horrible things with marker pens in their hands?

Oh honey honey!!
Help I love dead peas
Edgar Degas

Y is this art?

Well, alva noto's transall cycle is special:

(In the sleevenotes Ulf Poschardt talks about acceleration, imagining soul landscapes, and the importance of standing still. "The utopia of a racing placelessness is eaten away by the lures of immersing oneself in the here and now.")

People at the ICC in Tokyo can apparently apply self restraint, and see beyond giggles to the future, to the greater good of communally building organic Nicolai meta structures (yes, there's melodrama):

In conclusion, I'm just a fool who should attend exhibitions before their closing weekend.

Can't help but think that the only way this egalitarian interactivity thing could retain some sense of coherent beauty, is if it were made out of lego. Then again, lego's been on my mind of late. I miss building things.

And this lego lamp is ace. Honey, 5 (Quote: "I'm going to be an artist, I just don't know what kind of art to sell yet") drew a hyper-piano in my sketchbook yesterday. That’s 3 pianos on top of one other, where each note pressed plays a self-contained tune. Notes played consecutively play tunes consecutively. I think she’ll be an instinctive programmer in later life.

Anyway, it reminded me of an earlier, similar invention of mine involving buses, and triggered my current acrylic-related insatiability.(The quadruple-decker was made out of lego). Surely there's some affordable medium-sized blocks for young designers to bulk buy out there..


Blogger dan hancox said...

have you been to the lego shop in brighton? sal and suhon and i spent what felt like an hour in there - it was really difficult to leave. everything just looked too good. maybe we should all go on a big trip to legoworld or whatever it's called in windsor.

21/11/05 23:32  

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