Shared Territories: Anglo-Dutch debate series at RCA.

The School of Architecture + Design at the Royal College of Art is hosting a series of Anglo-Dutch evening debates this spring on contemporary issues in design and architecture.

Free of charge, these evenings give the public and students an opportunity to hear a distinguished selection of Dutch and UK based or connected practitioners discuss critical themes relevant to contemporary design and architecture. These include the challenges their disciplines are facing internationally, not just at home or in Europe. Individual events will tackle urban design strategies and procurement processes; the qualities of 'glocal' product design; pinpoint new directions in 'inclusive' design, and explore what happens when you put design, people, technology together and envision the future.

Thursday 19th January 19:30
Macro/Micro Architecture

In response to globalisation and its inherent mobility of capital and labour, two urban development strategies have emerged in force. The first, frequently focussed on an image-based approach, is about rebranding cities; the second goes for broad brush master planning. What are the merits of these approaches, and how does each of these relate to much more strategic micro-design initiatives evident that go hand in hand with educational and information exchange between stakeholders and citizens? Now that so many cities and regions wish to tackle their post-industrial voids and territories, make new cultural capital out of the land and solve housing problems, we would also like to identify ways in which design procurement processes can be broadened, or are already changing, to take account of emerging patterns of social dynamics.


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