Are people really mumbling?

That isn't the greatest audiogram I could find, but the title alone is worth it. Also, it comes from a website called deafened.org.

Marclay's comment on hearing pushed audiograms back into my memory. Not that I've had one in a while, but hearing tests are pretty Cagean. It's easy to push buttons and hear subtleties in the gaps, everything makes a noise if you want to hear it. They don't make sense like blind spot tests do. The visual outcome isn't as satisfying either. Grey areas are grey areas are grey areas.

Things always sound different, but his words worried me that I might not be able to hear the minutiae soon, and also, how will I know. Part of me thinks a logical plan would be to listen to the same thing every day and memorise the shifts, so I won't notice. Like rubbing fingertips consistently. That same thing could be Ryoji Ikeda.

This is the point where I could admit that I didn't visit the Millenium Dome.


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