Christian Marclay at the Architectural Association.

Video Quartet 2002. It came up a lot.

There were a few things he said on Friday night that I liked:

There's no order in a stack of cards.

I'm a true believer of using stuff.

I don't hear things the way I used to 25 years ago.

I'm not a movie buff.

And there were a few things that the architects said that made me laugh:

What's the difference between music and sound?
Do you mark the grooves on your records - how do you smooth them into each other?
What happens if the people don't like the bumps?

But my favourite thing that was said all night: fluxus with gloves.

Marclay made a circle of video monitors show objects from the Walker collection overlap, and it was called Shake Rattle and Roll. He got to touch things that arguably shouldn't be kept behind cabinets. It reminded me of the silly ephemera exhibition at the ICA a few years back, and also of Hayley Newman's plasticine in the South London Gallery, winter time. She made versions of objects used in fluxus scores. She wanted people to pick them up and play with them, but she didn't tell anyone. Funnily enough, no one really did.


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