Fontana Modern Masters.

Found these books in a gallery window in Soho a few months ago. They are stunning:

Mike Dempsey was the art director in the 1980s, this I know.

Been trying to find the other covers, but all I can find is some art project by Jame Shovlin redoing them in dripping watercolours. Is that really necessary?

It does give some handy information though:

"To further increase the desirability of each volume, the books were created in series of ten with each of the ten covers sharing the same design albeit with different colours which, when combined with the other nine titles in the series, created a larger composite picture."

Sounds nice. I can only find Beckett:


Blogger manara said...

wow amazing
yeah watercolours is totally uneccessary.
what is the evans pritchard book about?

7/2/06 15:38  
Anonymous Matilda said...

Hey Miranda, your favourite book covers reminded me if my favourite book cover. This, for a book simply called "dogs" - well, you can see that - it's about how to look after your dog, but looks more like a book about early computer systems or some such! xxMat

It's at:


8/2/06 19:35  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

sara - when i saw that i thought of you! I couldn't look inside it though - the gallery seemed perma-closed.

hey matilda, that book cover is so good! Yum.

8/2/06 19:49  
Anonymous allilinin said...

dripping water collors out from the strict geometry of interwoven sectors is a POLITICAL STATEMENT !!!m :)

15/2/06 22:29  

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