Peter Eisenman and Rem Koolhaas at AA.

Monday 30th January, 18:30
34-36 Bedford Square, WC1

Via Kultureflash.

Free - for AA students. Not fair.

The University of the Arts don't get anyone in half as exciting.
People who study architecture are too busy making things that work to read. I don't have anything to build, so I read.
I tried this on the phone, it didn't work.


Anonymous Hannah said...

damn it. That's the guy who did the holocaust memorial in Berlin isn't it? Or am I going insane? hope you get to go...han x

25/1/06 20:21  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

Yep that's him.

Do you know how it's getting on? Read that people were convinced it'd get graffiti etc.

Doubt I'll get in to the talk though! Find out Friday. Oh well.. x

25/1/06 20:58  

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