Muf and "the female thing".

Last week I sat down next to a girl drawing grids with a scratchy pencil and listened to the people from Muf talk about what they do.

Muf want the subtitle of interrogation / research.

They say they question the status of shared ground. Spaces that aren't used for anything, the route as a destination. Finding out what's special about a place as opposed to overriding it with their own values.

Tony Fretton wanted to talk about "the female thing" (yes, that's what he said). 2 of Muf are ladies. Tony joked they should change their name to "mum".

" ".

Zaha Hadid came up. To quote Tony again, apparently she "operates with more acknowledgment, with aggressivity you wouldn't expect from a lady."

This made the girl next to me stop scratching imaginary systems, and grumble. There was a lot of grumbling.

So, gendered perspectives came up. When pushed, Muf opined that perhaps their specific outlook - or softness - comes across in their furtive attempt to get it right. And that everything they do is never enough. I like this idea of getting it right so much I've abbreviated it and stamped it places: GIR. !

I also like their idea of gorgeousness. Of a gorgeous experience as opposed to a gorgeous object.
Also, importing the gorgeous to the municipal - inclusive shared ground.
Specific places made for specific terrains and a specific populace.
A social construct played out through practice.

Someone mentioned Eisenman and drawings. Where are Muf's drawings?
They said they would hire someone do draw diagrams about funding, then they'd show us their drawings.

Their projects are here.


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