77.7 springs

That's how many more I have to see, according to Maeda's life countdown.

The spring depicted above is from Aydat. The stamp says: souvenir du lac d'Aydat. I've never been to Aydat.

Apparently, there is an abundance of glycine and b-alanine to be found in the water there. Maybe the calm exuding from this image is something to do with combined amino acids in lake sediments.

Le Lac d'Aydat is the biggest natural lake in Auvergne. It lies in the middle of a chain of volcanoes - Chaine des Puys - one of which erupted long ago, the lava cooling so slowly that it formed a river bed. No one knows why these volcanoes are there - they lie far from the edges of tectonic plates.

The back of the postcard is not dated, and reads: Au plaisir de nous voir sous feu.


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