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Where is my copy of Zen Arcade?

This question has been plaguing me today. I'm telling myself I can't work without it: I'm regressing 5 years and I'm going to fish out my copy of Our Band Could Be Your Life" any moment now. If I knew where it was. Every start-up should read it. Could be relabelled Getting Things Done and David Allen would be down with it, I feel.

But anyway, I digress and my piggy-backing days are numbered so I'm typing too fast: who makes pop songs like Bob Mould and Grant Hart nowadays? This isn't rhetorical, I really want to know, so I can listen to music that wasn't made before I was born and feel comfortable with a healthy percentage of its production.


Blogger alex bkbk said...

mi.... i had no idea this was you

11/4/06 02:47  
Anonymous anil said...

Songwriters like Bob Mould. Ok.

Well, there was Davey vonBohlen in the period of 95-97 ('30 degrees everywhere' AND 'nothing feels good' for his band, The Promise Ring).

You've also got Jim Robbins' (ex-Jawbox) Burning Airlines debut record Mission:Control!

Both are up there with some of Bob Mould's stuff.

13/4/06 08:04  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

Jawbox / Burning Airlines = big bands for me.

Formative graphic design education via Jade Tree / DeSoto / Dischord amongst other things.

But I'm talking about now! 2006! Want new songs.

13/4/06 11:26  
Anonymous anil said...

Oh, didn't you hear? rock doesn't exist anymore. It died at some stage in the late nineties. caught in a "fatal cross-volley of self-reference" i think is how i put it.

Something to do with technology or something.

13/4/06 15:15  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

I'm ok with death. Talking about good songs, not genres. They are not co-dependent afterall.

I like the analogy as long as you're talking about ping pong, and in a hyper-dimensional structure (or at least a hexagon) and who's batting against whom?

Remaining somewhat topical: the resurrection of don caballero! managed to convince a friend who sold his entire record collection in 2002 to come.

13/4/06 16:01  
Anonymous anil said...

I think the phrase was part of an analogy based on mirrors. Like light being trapped in a hall of mirrors. As opposed to an A Vs B situation. There is an allusion to hyper-reality in that, but certainly not hyper-dimensionality! The latter i believe is not a valid scientific or philosophical concept. It comes from Hoagland, who is most famous for believing the face on mars is extra-terrestrial. Ok.

When is the don cab show? 'storm & stress' live was one of my best rock band performing type experiences.

13/4/06 17:38  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

hall of mirrors in yesterday's paper here.

a hyper dimension here.

and don caballero here.

14/4/06 16:02  

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