Silke Schatze | Buildings from memory

Missed a bus so I popped into the Whitechapel bookshop to look at some pictures, needed a full-colour sans-footnotes fix. Because the paper is ripped, textured cartridge instant-objet style (which draws me in every time regardless) I picked up the newest phaidon, called something like "drawing, now!". Wasn't expecting much - I know what I like - and yes Julie Mehretu's stuff is in there, but the spine's too big.

Anyway, Silke's drawings made me put everything down and get out my notebook because I'm bad with names, but I remembered it anyway. There's a picture gallery at the Meyer Riegger Galerie.

Studio A 4 UG, 2002.

Elefantenhaus / Mothership, 2003

Villa Torlonia, 2003.


Already imagining fictional-cosmological collaborations between her and Bruno Taut: Buildings for a time that never came, remembering the things that might have happened in a realm just outside the retina.

I saw a bunch of his Alpine Architecture drawings in the Kunstler Archiv last summer, the Kabakovs had made cabinets especially for him and other utopian expressionists. It was great. A couple of my favourites: chandelier islands (the Ralik and Ratak Islands) and proto-Studio Ghibli (Valley with Cascades).

He had a catchy motto too: Character is merely obstinacy, I move in all directions


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