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We took a day trip out West to visit the le Corbusier foundation. The architecture students had matching portfolio wallets. There were many of them. We goofed around and enjoyed the comfortable armchairs. Background information from Crossings: Journey Through Le Corbusier's Villa La Roche by Hazem S. Osman.

Worth reading, Hazem takes the right approach:

One note of warning from the start: the thesis is not intended so much as a "critical" analysis of Le Corbusier's ideology as the telling of a story about Vilia La Roche and Le Corbusier's early years. Instead of tearing apart the "dominant" gaze of modemism, I wish rather to point to the metaphorical vision founded on multivalent origin, happy to lose myself in the rich complexities of Le Corbusier's world. I will be more concemed with the possibilities of invention resulting from the confiontation with other cultures.

More to come, soon. On Zidane, firefighters, and la Commune. Keeping it Parisien. And mainly offline, no home connection.

PS. Do you Londoners know how good you have got it? I am going to CRY the next time I'm in Plastic People. The soundsystems here aren't worth mentioning. Songs are barely audible. Damn these quiet post-22h parisiens.



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