to be demolished:

Heygate Estate, Elephant and Castle.

I'm not looking forward to the regeneration of Elephant and Castle.
1194 homes (b.1974) being removed, to put in place the "Covent Garden of the South" makes me queasy.

It's to be replaced with things such as Castle House:

"Around 140 of the 408 apartments will be affordable, while special wind turbines will help bring energy costs down by 40 per cent." Hmm.

To be fair, some Heygate residents have been relocated to Wansey street, which looks great. And also costs £4 million, while providing only 31 homes.

I learnt how to bind books with a lady from Heygate, she told me about her family and neighbours, how everyone knew each other and grew up together. It sounded pretty utopian. Now all these 30 year old friendships are being separated, and I'm not exactly sure who the vision of this urban thriving centre is for.


Blogger mink said...

The heygate doesn't look like a place i'd like to live in. It's pretty monstorous. But I know that there is a gap between outside and inside perceptions.

And not that I like the regeneration. That huge tower looks like a mobile phone. It is so ugly.

In the next decade the elephant will move from late modernism to postmodern. I wouldn't like to romanticise the former - I don't like to walk in those pedestrian tunnels, no matter the time of day - but I think the latter is going to be vile in its own ways. And while - as far as I know - social housing is guarantied for all council tenants in the area - everything else will become too expensive for them.

18/6/07 17:22  

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