museumnacht 2007

Things I liked:

+ Sonneveld house by night. Like all these modern showhomes, there's an exhibition on inside. Some really nice (mechanism-based) kinetic light-objects. My favourite is this one, where the lines of light move very slowly across the square. By Hans Shork:

+ Satellite Garden was beautiful to look at, next to the vanishing moon:

+ Kunsthal cushions. It was nice finally entering an OMA building, as opposed to staring at 100 jpegs. I narrowly avoided a loud party with the DJ next to a grand piano downstairs and crashed on an enormous bed of orange cushions to watch a really silly Kollywood film. The bloodshed!

+ The pine forest with bench, inside the Boijmans van Beuningen.

Things I didn't like:

+ The film being screened inside the pine forest. Three protagonists repeating dull dialogue in circles. Eating lunch in Angel. Going to a stately home. Beating each other up. Yawn.

+ The dancers-but-not-really-dancers made-up in cyber-geisha gear. Not really dancing, more leaning on visitors, and sighing. Terrifying. I'm not sure if they were supposed to be some sort of live sculpture, or interactive installation, but since primary school I've found these content-driven-by-passive-audience performances beyond awkward. Should I be exploring that reaction? Hmm. On a Saturday night I'd prefer to be looking at this (which I found during my escape):

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