hannah waldron's portfolio

Hannah's portflio is now online.
It is a treasure trove!
There are so many things to be found, here are some:

From a concertina continuous drawing. An imagination of outer space, celebrating exploration.

garments with hidden parts, for introverts.

polar bear costume from Today I am a Polar Bear super 8 film.

All animals 6 layer screen print from the Today I am a Polar Bear book(this one can be bought, too)

Hannah recently exhibited with the rest of Brighton Illustration at Free Range.
Alex Sushon, Letty and Knowles' show (Camberwell Graphic Design) opens there tonight ... I wish I was in London right now.


maya deren: the complete films

Maya Deren's films are on UbuWeb.

This one, "The Very Eye of Night" has greek gods slivering across the Milky Way.

(Which isn't our parent galaxy, I found out this week)

The music is glorious, with all instruments played by Maya's third husband Teiji Ito.

There's also a great interview on Archinect with UbuWeb's founder, Kenneth Goldsmith where he tells the story of his concrete poetry collection turning into an online archive. and how there is no advertising. There is no money. There is no membership. There is no donate button. There is no mail list. We refuse to advertise, absolutely refuse to advertise, there is no nothing! ... I'm scared of fundraising.

And also about a new kind of utopic museum:

It really is about free and unfettered access for people to materials that were relegated to museums or relegated to specialist. And now are available to everybody free of charge. I mean there is a whole education to be had there. I think it's true. I think it takes a lot of this old stuff that had been forgotten about and I think in a sense it makes it new again. There has been so much revisionism in art history, so this is yet another sense of revisionism."

More online museums shortly.



ken garland's toys

Ken Garland and Bob Chapman's Connect (French: Contact) was shown at the Barbican a few years ago.

In 1982 the licence transferred to a German company and so a new version using Josef Loeflath drawings was made, called Rivers, roads and rails.

This all began after Garland remade Galt toys' image and offered advice on how to make games.


to be demolished:

Heygate Estate, Elephant and Castle.

I'm not looking forward to the regeneration of Elephant and Castle.
1194 homes (b.1974) being removed, to put in place the "Covent Garden of the South" makes me queasy.

It's to be replaced with things such as Castle House:

"Around 140 of the 408 apartments will be affordable, while special wind turbines will help bring energy costs down by 40 per cent." Hmm.

To be fair, some Heygate residents have been relocated to Wansey street, which looks great. And also costs £4 million, while providing only 31 homes.

I learnt how to bind books with a lady from Heygate, she told me about her family and neighbours, how everyone knew each other and grew up together. It sounded pretty utopian. Now all these 30 year old friendships are being separated, and I'm not exactly sure who the vision of this urban thriving centre is for.