hi new max.

It's amazing! I can't wait to use it. so friendly and inviting and bubbly. Here's some proper information, and here are some grabs:

I just had a peek at it in use in our studio, exciting stuff, it feels like a really good conversation as opposed to staring at scary software.


amo | prada cake.

(that's what I used to call this building last year)

industrial complex + three new structures = continuation of expansion/neglect + rem's exploration of the museum.

if you can strain your eyes to read the first two sentences of the axonometric elements jpg, Rem says "it is surprising that the enormous expansion of the art system has taken place in a reduced number of typologies for art's display."

read all about it here.

ps. it really reminds me of Jussieu.



le fond de l'air est rouge / grin without a cat, by chris marker, is really good.

k-punk has written about it, and this is the director's statement.

This film is quite rare; at Potemkine in Paris they laughed at me for trying to find it. I want to watch it again, if only to see Castro struggle with static mics in Moscow.


what is it about?

(Simon Wald-Lasowski)

(Louis Coulon with his 11 ft beard, and kitty)

cacao | tropisms part two.

Tropism II, IV and V can be heard here.


Berlinde de Bruyckere | in Flanders Fields

We went to Antwerp when they had Museum Night some time last summer. It was really fun; Belgium is such an odd country if you've lived in France and the Netherlands.

The muhka was my favourite place that night. They were showing films on the roof about mexican wrestlers. The piece that has stuck with me all these months is this, by Berlinde de Bruyckere. Actually, it was terrifying, these dying horses with no eyes.

bags | Simon Wald-Lasowski

Bags is my favourite feature from any GLU I've looked at. I think they had a feature in VICE recently, which I guess is good for exposure. I like their playfulness more than anything.


too high

That's its nickname - too high treehouse. (From here)

I like that the subjective superfluous nature of this tea house is noted in its name. I'm going to try and think of everything in this way - how it is more one thing rather than less another. On another page, its name is "an overly tall hermitage" which is a more elegant way of saying the same thing.

They quote Osamu Ishiyama: it sort of floats out there, a perfect match with current Japan, a country that skipped maturity and slipped right into its twilight days. Only Fujimori, the ultimate amateur who abhors sophistication, could do it.



kinza2, originally uploaded by jrosenk.

this is in odessa.


i love this image too.

it would be easiest if homes were this way, so we could float around.


IMG_7160, originally uploaded by bjorn_cph.

i also love this image.

if they want to move house, would they chop down the tree?


, originally uploaded by wannes deprez / ony one.

i love this image.
if this was possible, what would it mean for migration?


alex and eddy | retox tonight

It's a birthday bonanza! Alex is playing a live set with his new microphone, and Ed is playing too. German-inspired fun:


the return of the transvestite hermaphrodite.

Yeah! This thread on semicolons is so good. It mentions the word 'transvestite' about 10 times.

I think this is my favourite quotation mainly because it has the phrase (hermetically sealed):

Comment No. 1029180

April 4 9:38

Neither as enclosed (hermetically sealed) as parentheses nor as catch-all as a hyphen or two; harder than a stop, softer than a comma, it turns a linear corner, the opposite to a colon, which seems demonstrative, like a foreshortened equals sign. Indeed there´s no symmetry to it since we lack double commas or commas over stops - which is why internet winkers (winkers all) have paralytic astigmatism ;) As an I Ching pairing of ideograms hard is built upon weak; try it in a linear representation and the stop has no time to breathe., it falters., its inevitable triumph questioned at last ;)


I'm about to link to another article from the Guardian; my reading time has become a bit limited recently due to time constraints. It details the root of this literary drama being French (of course) and to do with insidious Englishness (of course) and has to start with the francophone fetishization of intellectuals, which is galling; why do they always start articles that way? It also quotes Will Self:

I like them - they are a three-quarter beat to the half and full beats of commas and full stops. Prose has its own musicality, and the more notation the better. I like dashes, double-dashes, comashes and double comashes just as much. The colon is an umlaut waiting to jump; the colon dash is teasingly precipitous.
Will Self


I'm going to put my feet in the water and try using them more. It seems a bit indulgent, but I guess writing a blog is pretty indulgent in the first place.


team 10 et l'Atelier de Montrouge | La Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine

I wish I could go to this exhibition. Maybe I'll take a day trip.

More info on the exhibition and Team 10.

wifey | 04.04 / animated gif alert!

Ralph and Robin's night this Friday! It's called "wifey" and it's going to be bestseller. (I'm thinking of starting a new range of positive adjectives. My inspiration is Judy Blume.)


bjork | wanderlust

Nice interview on NY Times about making the super-expensive, mushroom-inspired DIY-3D video for Wanderlust by Encylopedia Pictura.

Glorious full video here.

my design for the new 50p coin got edited out of the one show.

Some of us at college were asked to redesign the back of the 50p coin for the One Show, with the theme of "the future of England" so I naturally put a map of the EU on the back:

Dan Snow and his crew came to film us, asked us to explain our designs. I said mine was about the UK's position in the world. The others were about charity, religion and OTT CCTV. He said theirs were "edgy." Maybe my design isn't edgy enough. Maybe it's because I saw Dan in the DHL Vauxhall Depot last week and snubbed him (I think he's a bit of a plonker) or maybe it's because of the Daily Mail! (OK the latter is a false claim, I just really like how they dressed up a pretty Blonde as Britannia.)

In any case, the new design is launched tomorrow, watch this space!