100 missing public spaces

Another reason why Boris is rubbish.
Design for London is to be subsumed into LDA, and the 100 public spaces programme axed.
It's questionable how efficient the whole thing was, but the disturbance in methodology and ethos is sad. Here's all about how the budget is upscaling, Rogers' role is in doubt, etc etc


some things i've been thinking about:

(from IBM)

(Mumbai, from Urban Age)


(Earthships, by Mike Reynolds)

(bonbonkakku and fabric patterns)

(swimming in the sea)


waltz with bashir

Folman is searching for memories. Es precioso.
Here's a review.




beatles day.

It's Beatles day tomorrow! I wish I could watch the entire anthology back-to-back, but I have to go to work. Bah. Maybe I'll all wear my beatles badges in a row and try to reference one of their songs in every conversation I have. Hmm. Many possibilities.


i can love you.

Thanks to bok bok + manara who went to NY recently. Lucky things.


Everyone, go see couscous! That is all.

craftwork and skill.

I can't wait to read the book. In the meantime, listening to Sennett and Grayson Perry talk on the radio is fine. They met again on the weekend, for what I'm sure was a great time.