modular living

A few years ago I saw N55's micro dwellings, and thought "I'd like to live there when I'm older":

Although today in the Guardian I see they've made these walking houses, that look shinier and more feasible for moving around and also pretty self-sustainable. Here's a manual.

I think I'll definitely live in one of these when I'm older, in the mountains in the South of France. Just got to make it wild boar-friendly. Maybe I could attach proximity sensors that emit a strange smell or noise within a certain range ...


drop the lime fact mix.

(by gusset)

enjoying this today! Sad I couldn't be at Night Slugs Trouble & Bass party last week!! I bet ... well I know it was fun times.


A 3D tile that can be attached to places to reduce air pollution (preferably "standardized, repetitive surfaces of modernism, housing estates, traffic spaces").

Not entirely sure how it works, but here's the BLURB.

From Elegant Embellishment, this was shown in Germany's pavilion at the Venice Biennale.


cacao at shunt

Last week in London, Cacao played again! Here are stills of the visuals that Anil's put up.


I took a bunch of photographs when we visited the Central University of Venezuela, designed by Carlos Raúl Villaneuva, 1944 - 1970. It's a really beautiful, quiet place in the city.

Here's a bit about it. I hope I can visit the "clouds" auditorium during my stay here.

red desert

I really want to see this film. I think I can get a ripped copy at the UCV (main Caracas university) and watch it with Spanish subtitles. In any case, a DVD's coming out soon in the UK.


relationship advice from beyonce

via Sasha Frere-Jones:

Beyoncé, for all her traditional behavior as good-looking good girl, is building a catalogue of songs that have little to do with traditional expressions of love or pain. She is most fond of the second person, and her hits, in the aggregate, form a sort of default advice column. She isn’t as interested in her own pain as she is in telling others what mistakes not to make. I’ve made a small list of her key talking points, reaching back to her work in Destiny’s Child:

“No, No, No”: Be entirely clear with your partner; vague language can lead to confusion and hurt feelings.

“Bills, Bills, Bills”: Money and romance do not mix, so keep separate bank accounts and go Dutch until your relationship is stable.

“Bug-A-Boo”: Constant communication can feel more like harassment than affection.

“Say My Name”: If your partner is avoiding you, arrange a face-to-face meeting. Monosyllabic answers and lack of affection can be an indication of deeper troubles.

“Jumpin’, Jumpin’”: Couples do not necessarily need to spend every night together. Plan one night a week where you are with your friends, and he with his.

“Independent Women Part 1”: If you pay for your own shoes, you are more likely to judge your relationship on its own merits rather than as a tallying of goods exchanged. (Get Cameron Diaz to help you count your belongings, if you feel like you’re losing track.)

“Bootylicious”: If you are more experienced than your partner, make sure to be explicit about your needs and expectations. Direct questions will save time and decrease anxiety. (Comfortable jelly levels, for example, should be established early on in any relationship.)

“Check On It”: If a man shows sustained interested, allow him to get close to you over dinner, or a movie. Leave your options open. If he has a friend, perhaps invite him along; the friend can act as a control group for the evening.

“Ring The Alarm”: Fights are not always unhealthy. Sometimes, a blowout can be cathartic and release pressure that might be damaging your ability to communicate. Introduce a sense of play into your arguments—megaphones are fun (make sure your neighbors are familiar with your routine, and don’t call the police), and role-playing can help defuse anger with humor.

“Irreplaceable”: If your ex is having trouble finding his way out of the house, provide clear and consistent directions. Men are sometimes challenged by the word “straight,” which has sexual overtones. Suggest that he go left or right, terms familiar from both baseball and driving. Also, keep several empty boxes on hand. (Once broken down flat, boxes can fit horizontally into a closet or under a leaky houseplant.)

“Freakum Dress”: Be sure you own at least one freakum dress. If you find one you really like, consider buying several of them in different colors. (Make sure you have a friend who can explain what a freakum dress is.)

“Single Ladies”: If a man values your relationship, be prepared to demand a commitment. Suggest that he signal the value of his commitment by buying you an enormous piece of jewelry, something big enough to kill a hamster with one mild blow.


touch me baby

Myrna Hague - Touch Me Baby (1977)

(my current favourite song)

bocadillo love

I'm not allowed to eat too many of them, the sugar makes me turn crazy.

The guanabana ones wrapped in leaves that you can buy from kiosks on the street one by one, are my favourite.


born everywhere, raised in britain

Quite funny interactive piece from the Guardian.
Antonis, 14:
"In Greece, you can hug your teacher. In England teachers aren't allowed to touch you in any single way. They're not very friendly."

Akeilha, 9:
In Antigua they eat ackee, saltfish, fried dumpling, and goat Ð but I don't eat goat now because I'm a Rasta. It's not that easy being a vegetarian, because you like going to McDonalds and getting the toys, but you need to eat a vegetarian or fish burger. We left Antigua because there was a volcano. I would like to live back in the Caribbean, but somewhere the volcano can't come.

Vanessa, 10 (Solomon Islands):
It's like 30 degrees there every day, all year round. Here, it's -1 or something.


WIFEY! tomorrow

Wish I could be there. Fun times in Visions! Gif magic.

this weekend in caracas:

1) The British Council is weird but nice. They've brought over Rory Philips and Mad Professor to teach kids how to mix and also tell stories. And play! On Saturday afternoon in Plaza Altamira, localish! It looks like this:

2) Saturday night, Simpl3 have another party! Get in.

32 postcards

Cacao's audiovisual piece 32 Postcards is online now (after two London performances with me as a ghost in the laptop). More information from Anil, here.

paul rand + germs + black flag + MIT

I refound Mark Cousin's article for DOT DOT DOT 12 "Graphics Incognito" today - downloadable. It's ace.




steven holl's paintings


can you be more specific?




how far?