I want to go to Crystalpunk.

Wow. EZCT, a Dutch architecture and design research concern themselves with this:

"surrational design, design produced by systems made up from rules and conditions put in there by the designer, which once put in motion evolves towards forms and complexity the programmer never would have been able to conciously conceive. This workshop, given by Jelle Ferringa, explores genetic algorithms as one promising tactic for meandering through the possibility space of architectonic forms. Starting with a look on the historic lineage between mathematics and architecture, this workshop evolves into an extensive hands-on session of designing evolutionary systems."

Arch-OS are going to be there too. Arch-OS' Flock:

"using the Arch-OS Vision tool and Audio tools at the same time. The movement and numbers of people in the atria activate an acoustic flock of birds that wheel round the atria, panning through the 3 dimensional space defined by the 12 speakers."

The quotation on their front page referencing Cybrids reminded me of the quasi-spiel my forthcoming tutor unleashed yesterday: "We want people who like technology, but also like humans." There are ping pong bats lining glass-front of his studio. They both protect our macs from thieves and hopefully provide light entertainment. Interactive design should be fun.


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