Her Noise radio today.

The audio part of an audio visual project I did back in May is playing on Resonance this afternoon (16:30). It's only about a minute long. It's all field recordings from Budapest, which I piled ontop of each other in the form of manual loops on a 4 track. It's very scratchy; all the recordings were done using this (it fits snugly in my coat pocket you see):

I'm not used to going places where I don't understand peoples' words. A way of dealing with the myriad lost interpretations: I recorded any sound I liked. I still have 3/4 of a 60 minute cassette filled, somewhere.

I listened to the recording again last night for the first time in a while, trying to pick out the noises and remember where they came from. There's bus pneumatics, 1940s rally cries, government drumming troupes in the famous square, guitar music from a cab, lollipop whistling. And some more pneumatics. (I've made it downloadable)

The visual part comes in the form of a flash animation where each sound has its own photograph. Cut into n grid parts, the image slowly becomes whole after n repetitions of the sound. They form on top of each other and alongside each other, it's a little messy. Separately, they look like this:

Melanie Clifford from Creative Routes has been using her binaural mics to document pretty much everything that's been happening at the South London Gallery during Her Noise, and turning it into Her Noise Radio. There have been 15 minute shows every Wednesday, which are going to be archived as podcasts on the Her Noise blog. This week's episode has a 7 minute interview with Kaffe Matthews. She tuned the bed for Melanie the other day. Apparently, it was amazing.


Blogger melanie said...

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21/12/05 22:15  
Blogger melanie said...

i really liked yr Budapest...
the Kaffe piece turned into 9 minutes 16 secs with very few words and a lot of low, low frequencies
did you hear it?
& i'm not really *from* Creative Routes, but i've worked with them & they're wonderful

21/12/05 22:19  

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