What do you serve, but never eat?

A tennis ball.

I'm not good at remembering the punchlines of jokes, but this one sticks. Mainly because we've got it on paper three times now.
(Now four times.) We think that maybe our discounted crackers are made for large families where the jokes aren't shared.

We got other multiples too. What the hell are these?

At first we thought we could add water (no) then we thought we could pull to make great noise (no, it's plastic) then we thought it was merely decorative (see that heart there?) Now we are confused; we like to know the function of things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you do fill it with water. then you wear it as a ring with the blue bit in the palm of your hand and you sqeuuze it when an enemy comes by, and his/ her pride is wounded...

24/12/05 17:43  

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