It seems that if I choose to spend longer than a few hours in one place, maybe even sleep somewhere that isn't my own bed, I'll leave something there. This doesn't usually worry me so much. Except now I've forgotten a library book I need to read in a Birmingham hotel. This hotel was very big, they hosted a wedding reception where the bridegroom wore white, which came complete with (obligatory) fight and fire. Both of these things happened on my floor, where I was busy sleeping. They haven't found my book.

I found their cereal dispenser quite appealing:

Anyway, I've found a tool via yugop to make the whole amazonian search more exciting (I have to re-stock my library). Amaztype typographically visualises all the possibilities of the search, words forming as more books are found.

They have a consistently refreshing zeitgeist. Anal Cunt are currently the most searched musical artists.


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