Sonic Acts XI: the anthology of computer art.

Hypothetical UK tour forbidding, this is where I'll be February 23 -26 2006. It looks so good. In Paradiso and De Balie in Amsterdam. Can't miss:

Granular Synthesis, AGF, DJ/Rupture, Boris & Brecht Debackere, Jammer + Matt Shadetek, Skepta, No Lay, the Bug.

Andreas Broeckmann - Image, Process, Performance, Machine. Aspects of an Aesthetics of the Machinic
Golan Levin.
Lillian Schwarz.
Joost Rekveld - Light Matters.
John Oswald - A Short Talk on Endlessness.
Ben Fry.

Concrete Cinema from the Groupe de Recherches des Images - part I + II
Pioneer Computer Graphics.
John Whitney.
Lillian Schwarz.


Anonymous Hannah said...

eh, this looks fun. sorry i'm just writing random comments. I want to go. mah.

25/1/06 20:31  
Blogger dodeckahedron said...

Come!! A small holiday would be great.

25/1/06 21:00  

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