Differentiated Structures in Nature and Design | AA Symposium

Friday 17th March, 10 AM.
It's a free for all at the Architectural Association!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says:
The symposium presents a novel approach to architectural design and sustainability, based on the differentiation of the material systems that make up the built environment towards an enhanced performance capacity. This approach is embedded within a biological paradigm that offers new insights into higher-level functionality of living nature.

I've paraphrased the day's breakdown:

The first session: learning from biology: the interdisciplinary approach of biomimetic engineering - examining natural structures and systems and deriving engineering principles from them. Higher-level functionality is the aim.

The second session: recent engineering and computational advances in evolving and assessing differentiated structures.

The third session: current approaches to differentiated and multi-performative systems in the intersection between designing, engineering and making.

I've called them up, and you don't even have to be a member. Really? Yes. Really? Really. Ok.


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